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Grateful Dead Live at Rich Stadium on 1990-07-16

Set 1

Hell In A Bucket
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo
Blow Away
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues
Loose Lucy
It's All Over Now
High Time
Let It Grow ->
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2

Sugar Magnolia ->
Scarlet Begonias ->
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Ship Of Fools
Truckin' ->
Jam ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
Gimme Some Lovin' ->
Wharf Rat ->
Around And Around ->
Sunshine Daydream

Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Rich Stadium
Location Orchard Park, NY

Source SBD -> Dat Master (48k)
Lineage Dat Master (Sony R500) -> Sound Devices 744T -> Samplitude Professional v10.1 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


-- Set 2 is seamless
-- Thanks to Joani Walker and Paul Scotton for the tapes


Reviewer: q dog - - June 29, 2014
Subject: Why I love Jerry
Was at this my last Brent show. Solid summer 90 show as most of them were. High points being the Sugar Mag>Scarlet and the Truckin'>jam which includes a brief Mind Left Body Jam which Dead Base eventually recognized.

Jerry always impressed me that he knew when he was lacking or forgot something. Butcher lyrics during say a Wharf Rat for example would realize it and all of sudden your getting extra riff yardage post this. He knew.

At this show...when they would do the Sugar Magnolia sandwich on occasion the SM jam would always follow first portion. This night they went right from SM vocals to Scarlet no jam (Jerry missed a verse in Scarlet but made up for in jam)as Around ended Bob went straight to Sunshine Daydream which was fine, but little voice said never did SM jam of well has been nice set. During SSDD that hit a slight lull and Jerry jumped at it for about a minute of the S Mag jam. He remembered they hadn't done it earlier.

Small but beautiful thing
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - - July 16, 2013
Subject: --
Another sterling summer show from 1990; while not freakishly possessed ala 7/12, this one will do you just fine.

Set 1 is pretty solid; while I liked Brent's Blow Away as a set closer the year before @ Orchard (just listen to it, 7/7), he does his lone masterpiece song nicely in the middle of it all here. Jer airs out Loose Lucy for a raunchy walk, and High Time is lovely (but *are* those delirious hippies actually listening to the words?!?). Let It Grow is usually a A+ slam dunk as a set closer, but here it struggles a bit - still a fascinating piece to come back to once in a while.

Set 2 - when they open up that flower at the beginning of the second set you know you're in for a treat; FORGET the missing Fire here and concentrate on that seamless, beautiful transition between Sugar Magnolia and Scarlet - W*O*W! And don't be put off by the drop into Man Smart, etc. - if I had to listen to one version of this old cajun tune for the rest of my life, it would be this one. They *really* bring it! (btw, how many girls you think Bobby got with that song? :)

The jam out of Truckin' (up to Buffalo..!) is FAT and FABULOUS - active, energetic, seeking, pulling, searching - we're talking *animated* here.

Space begins with you wishing you hadn't eaten that last tab, and Post-Space is decent enough - Jer has a pretty shredding solo at the end of the Rat. Bobby closes the petals and Brokedown sends everyone home happy. But the real juice is everything pre-Drums here.
Reviewer: micah6vs8 - - January 23, 2011
Subject: Wharf Rat
I was all the way in the back. The sound was incredible. This WR stole my face. Garcia bathed in purple light, wind blowing his hair, looking like an Old Testament prophet.
Reviewer: KarmakidJoe - - January 23, 2011
Subject: Ole tape recording re-visited!
Love this one! Great show! My soundboard was'nt to bad, clean it up, might sound alot alike. Vocals are upfront a touch to much, blending them into the band a little more would help that. Otherwise, beautiful! I would've givin' anything to have been there, Rain, Snow or Shine! The band was right on that night! Jerry was just a rockin' his fat little fingers off! Forever Grateful Dead! Personal favorites; Loose Lucy!...and the whole show!
Reviewer: East Coast Dave in WA - - August 2, 2010
Subject: My final Brent show
Shows at Rich Stadium were always fun, and most were quite good. It was a great scene for Dead shows, especially at this stage of their popularity. Camping, vending, relatively chilled-out law enforcement (I think the cops really appreciated how relaxed deadheads were, compared to the average drunken football fan they usually had to deal with at Rich).
The boys came through again with this one. The first songs of both sets are a little sloppy, but they lock-in fast and play a really spirited and fun show. Plus, Phil is mixed pretty loud (just how I like it). Great first set song selection with some choice Jerry songs (for me, at least).
Special mention for Truckin' through Space in the 2nd set. A great Jam into drums. Personally, I always find Truckin' to be fun, but the jam on this one really is a standout. Beautiful summer day, a really jammin' show, and a Brokedown encore to send us home. A great concert. RIP Brent, you are remembered......
Reviewer: NewEnglandHead - - July 16, 2010
Subject: 20 years ago...
An absolutely stunning, gorgeous day in Western New York - 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. I was 17, summer before my senior year in high school. Went with my girlfriend and another female friend (who wore a mini-skirt and a pink Ralph Lauren polo, lol). None of us knew what we were in for.

We got to the lot about mid-afternoon so we could have some time to wander around a get a buzz. People everywhere, grilled cheese, cold beer for $1, vials, people selling grass out in the open, vendors selling everything from tattoos to shirts to pipes to crafts...totally relaxed and chill. We meandered around the lot for a bit, downed some Molsons, and headed in to see CSN.

They played a nice set with a few standards but a lot of new tunes from a new album or something. After their set, the friend we were with hand to take a piss. Now, we're in the middle of the floor, amid tens of thousands of people, and she thinks she can go pee and find her way back to find us, just as tens more thousand people are filing into the stadium to catch the start of the Dead. OK I tell her - but remember, we're parking in Lot ??? and she heads off. Well, 30 minutes later, how could we mistake that pink polo, but here she comes, bladder empty and ready to enjoy the show, lol.

At the time, I didn't realize how solid the first set was. I still have clear, distinct memories of the Bucket, 1/2 Step and High Time. We were fortunate to have found a spot on the floor among a group of 5-7 peeps about 5 years older than us who had headed up from Penn State and had all seen 25+ shows. They were chatty, polite, shared their water, etc. I think it helped my first experience not being stuck around someone too spun.

Sun goes down, crowd gets more excited, and the band lets loose with a monster second set. Great Scarlet - Jer forgets a verse, but makes up for it by shredding left and right. MSWS is full of groove. Truckin' rips and the crowd goes nuts after the Buffalo line. And the jam into Drums is mostly Jerry just having fun. Some have opined that there's a MLB sounding jam in there, but I'm not sure. Wheel, WR and SSDD are all outstanding. And is there a better way to close your first Jerry experience than with a Brokedown?

We headed out, got to the car and got out of the lot as soon as we could. Trucked the 30 minutes home, went to bed, and shared this story with everyone who would listen for the rest of the summer.

Easily one of the best days of my life.
Reviewer: charleyfogg - - July 16, 2010
Subject: 20 yrs ago...
...Today. boys trucked on up to buffalo and laid it down! What a show- Loose Lucy and a smokin' pistol of a Blow Away blew me away. What really sticks out in my memory was how great the sound was in the 60K+ football stadium. Great great memories.
Reviewer: mid-maine - - March 4, 2010
Subject: can't agree less
ditch the bad memory and listen to the music. this show, as i experienced it that day, was one of the tightest of the summer tour in '90. rfk was awesome, but sloppy. there were other more robust shows, but this buffalo show was smooth. my only disappointment was that scarlet didn't roll into fire, but hey, they were playing so well that i was happy.

sweet high time and sound.
Reviewer: Sedula - - March 4, 2010
Subject: Was at this show...Brent's last one for me
I was at this show with some friends and except for some shrooms we ingested it was quite forgetful. The playing was quite sloppy, but it was the last time I saw Brent. I do remember my friends and I talking about how pissed off he seemed and the negative vibe he was eminating during the show. Little did I know it would be the last time we saw him.

I did see the Dead before Brent and didn't really like him that much at first. But once he was gone I think we all realized how much more he did for the band than we thought.
Reviewer: purpletornado - - March 4, 2010
Subject: Get this!
Fantastic second set. A favorite of mine for a long time!
Reviewer: utopian - - January 20, 2010
Subject: I was really fighting with my Mom
and I think she STOLE my mailorder tickets. Because right before I was about to leave for the shows they were gone, and she was making a huge issue about 'going to all the shows.'

Summer 90 had the big video screens with animation and live action sequences. Several people I remember running out of this show freaking out over the video....kinda funny.

I got in about halfway through and danced with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
the show was consistantly good, and one of the best east coast summer dates start to finish. 7-12-90 RFK is one of the most overrated shows of all time, but the post drumz Were fantastic, the first set was a complete sleeper.

Cant ask for much more than this sbd

Reviewer: Dooly - - January 17, 2010
Subject: Gross Dude!
I love the Dead, but I've never had that happen to me just by listening to the music.
Reviewer: fathogan - - December 10, 2009
Subject: Brilliant Show
As good as it gets from any era. I listened to this show and...

...jizz in my pants. True. Story.
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